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“Courtney is an amazing instructor. While working with her, she was able to customize my competition piece to my liking while highlighting my assets. She is very knowledgeable in silks as well as other apparatuses.”


  • Ivonne S., Onyx, Utah


“I've been a flexibility student of Courtney's for several months now and I could not speak more highly of both her talent as a performer and her abilities as an instructor. Not only does she make class sessions fun with her contagious, fun, and encouraging personality but she also arms you with the skills to safely push yourself to your max in order to achieve your flexibility goals. In the short time that I have worked with Courtney I can honestly say that I have seen DRASTIC improvements in my flexibility and I’m excited each week to see how much further I can go. I 10/10 recommend Courtney if you are seeking a flexibility coach as she will get you results and you'll have fun in the process.”


  • Robin F., La Bombe, Utah


“Courtney is a fantastic, well-versed teacher who excels in performing and teaching. She pushes her students in a firm but positive manner so that they can continue growing in the ever expanding world of aerial arts. Her choreography is slick, fun, and challenging and her background in dance feeds into her aerial teaching and performances.”


  • Josh L., Aerobatics, Utah




“Courtney has been my daughter's aerial coach (silks, contortion, and rope) since 2015. My daughter loves her! We love her! She has taught her many aerial foundational skills that have helped my daughter progress. She takes the time to teach every student according to their level, in a safe and fun way and also challenges them so they can keep learning and advance. She not only has extensive knowledge of all aspects of aerial and contortion training but also of all areas of performing, which is a fabulous combination! All kids learn the proper technique and also the best way to showcase their skills and talents during a performance. She is passionate about aerial arts, and she shares that passion with every student in all her classes. All the kids leave her class with a big smile on their faces and feeling proud of all they've accomplished and learned! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an awesome aerial trainer and performer!”


  • Maritza L., Aerobatics, Utah

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